Hello World!

Welcome to our website! It is exciting for to be writing our very first blog. Thanks for taking the time to look us up! We are a vending machine service company that operates of Houston, Texas. We have several different accounts around the Houston area and own over 500 vending machines. We have been in business for a while, but we’re always looking for more competitive advantages in our market, and we’re constantly upgrading our machines and systems.

We just upgraded many of our vending machines to accept credit cards!  This provides a easy way to get food and drinks out of our vending machines without having to worry about how much cash is in your pocket, or having to deal with change.

We also just opened up a Facebook and Twitter account. Please like or follow us and you will have many opportunities to win different prizes and rewards! To follow us on Twitter our username is @cncvending. To like us on Facebook go to www.facebook.com/cncvending.

Have a GREAT Friday!

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One Response to Hello World!

  1. rosie mendez says:

    Thank u for having fresh chips. Last company would have expired or near expired chips. Yuck! Yall rock!

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